"Integrated to popular cloud Accounting platforms"
Delivering real-time information on a single view dashboard

Problem Worth Solving

SMEs comprise over


of Australian businesses

Due to the size and budget of most SME’s, they cannot afford to hire critical resources such as a CFO and CSISO to detect emerging risk

and contribute


of the country’s GDP

Additionally, SMEs cannot identify their insurance gaps or cashflow shortfalls in real-time to plan contingencies

Our solution

Blink offers two digital platforms that can work together or independently depending on your business requirements.

The first is a digital business services platform which gives Accountants and businesses the ability to receive real time financial and business risk information. This comes to BLINK direct from your cloud accounting platform and allows you to mitigate this risk through insurance or line of credit.

The second is our cyber platform which will give your business a real time risk score and help you select the most suitable cyber insurance product to protect your business and your customer data.

Basically, replacing the need for a CFO and CSISO
with an easy to consume dashboard

Our Platform

Delivers Insights Visually


- Best fit insurance policy comparison

- Assets replacement comparison

- Financial and cyber risk scoring

- Cashflow forecasting

Insurance and Lending

- Loan policy pre-population of application and approval facility

- Insurance pre-population of application and approval facility

- SME business evaluation questionnaire

API and Feeders

- Basic CFO widgets

- XERO bi-directional real-time


- Accountant portfolio


- Insurer customer insights

- Asset extraction, classification and segregation into asset classes

How it Works

Through API integrations and the latest in Machine Learning technology, financial data is transformed into actionable insights, delivered via an intuitive UI and protected by cutting edge security.


Through our API integrations we pull together billions of pieces of financial and performance data into one place.


Our ‘State-of-the-Art’ Machine Learning algorithms then get to work parsing and analyzing the data and identifying truths.


Through our intuitive UI we can present aggregated views at many levels from insurers and lenders to accountants and SMEs.


We employ the latest in cutting edge security technology and protocols to protect our customers and partners.

Business Platform

Cyber Platform

Team & Key Roles

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